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Bush Kindy

Bush Kindy runs during Term 2 and 3. This takes place one day a week, on Tuesdays for the Rainbow Lorikeet group and on Thursdays for the Magpie group. 
Welcome sign to Yeltanna Wirra, our Bush Kindy environment onsite.

In the language of the Kaurna people, Yeltanna Wirra translates to ‘dry airy place’. We are so fortunate to have this bush environment within our kindy grounds, nestled amongst the Sturt Gorge. This is the location of our Bush Kindy Program, which runs across Term 2 and 3. Normal kindy continues for each group on their first day of the week, while the second becomes their Bush Kindy day.


It is important that we sustain, respect and embrace Yeltanna Wirra as a natural, untouched space for children to learn in and about indigenous culture. Our plantings in this environment connect back to the local region so that we can adopt sustainable practices that do not harm the Sturt Gorge. We aim to connect with our local Kaurna Elder each year, to deepen our understanding of the land we walk and play on. Once we have settled into our Bush Kindy 'home base', we begin to spend part of our day walking and playing in the adjoining Sturt Gorge.  

The learning observed through our Bush Kindy program:

  • Engagement in sustained play, in a sensory rich environment

  • Deepening connection with the environment and with others

  • Strengthening of motor skills, balance, coordination and physical stamina

  • Engaging with risk taking: What am I capable of? What feels safe to try next time? Are my warning signs telling me this is out of reach right now? What couldn't I do previously that I can now?

  • Imagination, careativity and resourcefulnes, fostered through investigation and exploration with open ended materials

  • Building learning dispositions through discomfort and challenge, for example persistance, confidence and resilience

“Movement through active free play - particularly in the outdoors - is absolutely the most beneficial gift we as parents, teachers, and caregivers can bestow on our children to ensure healthy bodies, creative minds, academic success, emotional stability, and strong social skills”.
Angela Hanscom

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